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Nov '16

It’s a scarf!

Some weaving is happening! Handspun alpaca/wool/silk. 12.5epi.scarf1

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Aug '16

I wrote a thing …

Well, a whole website.  Come check it out http://fixthetaxtreaty.org/

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Aug '16

Not much craft time…

Yes, I’ve been busy lately.  Mainly I’ve been working on http://fixthetaxtreaty.org which will be launched tomorrow morning.  You can also find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FixTheTaxTreaty/

Between website development and a busy schedule at work, there hasn’t been much time for craft, other than my annual day at the Ekka. This year I took a portable loom to demonstrate weaving. 

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Jul '16

Finally off the loom…

There hasn’t been much time for weaving in the past few months. In February I went to a weaving camp run by the Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners & Weavers. The camp was essentially a 2.5 day class on twill weaving taught by Kay Faulkner. I learned quite a bit about twill structures and how to draft twill patterns. Prior to the class, I warped up my table loom with some 4-ply cotton in four different twill threadings. The part on the right contains the samples we wove in class – a wide variety of patterns with only 5-10 cm per pattern (except where I got carried away). The other two samples were woven after the class (mostly in the last month when things finally settled down enough that I had time to weave). Click on the pictures to see them full size.


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Jul '16

On the wheel…

Phoenix – SCF Classic Club December 2015

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