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Jul '16

Finally off the loom…

There hasn’t been much time for weaving in the past few months. In February I went to a weaving camp run by the Gold Coast & Hinterland Spinners & Weavers. The camp was essentially a 2.5 day class on twill weaving taught by Kay Faulkner. I learned quite a bit about twill structures and how to draft twill patterns. Prior to the class, I warped up my table loom with some 4-ply cotton in four different twill threadings. The part on the right contains the samples we wove in class – a wide variety of patterns with only 5-10 cm per pattern (except where I got carried away). The other two samples were woven after the class (mostly in the last month when things finally settled down enough that I had time to weave). Click on the pictures to see them full size.


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Jul '16

On the wheel…

Phoenix – SCF Classic Club December 2015

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Feb '15

Weaving mojo has returned!

In our recent home renovation,  one of the spare bedrooms was re-purposed into a “Loom Room “.


Loom Room

Once the loom was in place,  I wasted no time in warping up some cottolin tea towels.


Tea towel #1

I have now finished weaving 4 of the 8 tea towels in this warp, and am starting a new treadling pattern for the last 4.

First pattern:


Chevron pattern

Second pattern:


Wavy diamond pattern

I’m loving the wavy look of the new pattern.

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Apr '13

Crafty Monday


And a crafty day was had by all…..

Betsy and I had a productive afternoon with the dyepot/microwave. She dyed some lovely blue/grey yarn for a cardigan. I dyed these four. Top left is a shawl blank. It is Bendigo Luxury 3-ply. I bought the white yarn and Chantelle knitted it up for me on her knitting machine. I’ve started with a deep sky blue and gradually blended in a bright green. All up I have about 1800-1900 metres, so it should be an epic shawl. The rest is Polwarth top in various colours for spinning.

Sep '12

I’m still here…

I’ve been busy weaving this month:

tea towels











Waffle weave tea towels in 8/2 cotton.  I’ve woven 1.6 out of 4 (or maybe 5) tea towels.

And I’ve done some spinning:

Ixchel Club!











This is Navajo Churro Bunny from Ixchel — June ’12 club, Rusty Nail.  Navajo plied.

So, I’ve spun 400g in September, and received 300g from clubs.  Net -100g of fibre for the month.

Here are the details:

-100g Balance 31 August
-100g Island Paradise
-100g Swan Lake
-100g Rusted Hulk
+200g SCF Club
+100g Ixchel Club
-100g Rusty Nail
-100g Total for September

-200g Net Since 22/7/12

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