Not much craft time…

Yes, I’ve been busy lately.  Mainly I’ve been working on which will be launched tomorrow morning.  You can also find us on Facebook at

Between website development and a busy schedule at work, there hasn’t been much time for craft, other than my annual day at the Ekka. This year I took a portable loom to demonstrate weaving. 

This is a test

if this were a real post, there would be more craft content.

I’m writing this post on the bus on my way to work using my new phone (Nokia N900). I’ll try adding a couple of pictures. One was taken this morning on the bus. The other was taken at Toowoomba camp 2 weeks ago. Guess which is which (hint: I’m not weaving on the bus).


I’ve been very slack about updating the inner workings of this blog.  I use WordPress — and had version 2.5 installed.  Now that 2.8 is available, I figured it would be a good idea to update before I leave on my trip.  The old theme was for WordPress 1.5, and didn’t utilize some of the functionality of the new version, so I changed themes as well.  Might have to ask Betsy to help me tweak some of the font colors, etc.