Blocking Weekend

Finally finished the Adamas shawl and blocked it:


Then I blocked the Primula Coffee Cloth I finished knitting weeks ago.  12 x 16 = 192 pins!  As you can see, I do my blocking on the floor, using a ratty old beach towel, and pinning directly into the carpet.  Primula stretched out to about 40cm diameter.  I soaked it in water with dissolved starch, then pinned it out to dry.  It’s a warm day today, so it might dry in a couple of hours.

Blocking Primula

Knitting-wise, I’ve been working on socks.  Finished the Baby Bunny Coriolis socks and started adult size socks based on the Sky architecture:

Sunny Sky Sock Baby Coriolis

The Baby Coriolis socks are to be sold.  I took them in to work and a colleague/grandmother-to-be said she wanted to buy them — and a second, smaller pair.  Finished sock one of the orange pair on Friday night.  Haven’t started sock 2 yet.

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  1. You should put sold on the green booties Karen – they were really cute – but way too warm for Brissie

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