Rhinebeck Haul

As promised, here’s a glance at what I bought at Rhinebeck:

Rhinebeck Haul

As you can see, mostly fiber.  On the top we have Romney lamb (85%) and tussah silk (15%) in the Painted Desert colorway. Immediately below, in bright rainbow colors, is 50/50 tussah and baby camel down.  Clockwise from there: 60/40 Merino/Bamboo (vegetable medley colorway, braided); two bags (natural cream and brown) of Romney roving, braided and banded, BFL in Autumn Fire colorway; braided Wensleydale roving in fire colorway; a bag of natural cream Wensleydale mix; jewel-toned alpaca/silk (70/30) blend; Icelandic lamb roving, cream; fawn colored Jacob wool.  The green shell shaped bit on top of the Icelandic Lamb is a needle gauge charm that goes down to 0.75mm.  And stuck in the lower left corner is a cute little turkish spindle:

Rhinebeck Haul

As you can see I’ve started spinning the alpaca/silk, and the spindle works great.

And… in knitting news, I finished up some twined fingerless mitts just in time to wear at Rhinebeck:

Twined Mitts

2 Replies to “Rhinebeck Haul”

  1. Well if that’s a Turkish Delight made by Ed it would, I learnt to spin on my Jenkins Turkish and it’s a work of art! Great haul by the way, Rhine beck must have been fun but did you Knit on the Bigsock?

  2. Yes, it’s a Jenkins Turkish and it spins like a dream. Perfectly balanced and goes on forever. Looks great too!

    Didn’t knit on the big sock — there was a huge crowd when I walked past it.

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