Blocking Weekend

Finally finished the Adamas shawl and blocked it:


Then I blocked the Primula Coffee Cloth I finished knitting weeks ago.  12 x 16 = 192 pins!  As you can see, I do my blocking on the floor, using a ratty old beach towel, and pinning directly into the carpet.  Primula stretched out to about 40cm diameter.  I soaked it in water with dissolved starch, then pinned it out to dry.  It’s a warm day today, so it might dry in a couple of hours.

Blocking Primula

Knitting-wise, I’ve been working on socks.  Finished the Baby Bunny Coriolis socks and started adult size socks based on the Sky architecture:

Sunny Sky Sock Baby Coriolis

The Baby Coriolis socks are to be sold.  I took them in to work and a colleague/grandmother-to-be said she wanted to buy them — and a second, smaller pair.  Finished sock one of the orange pair on Friday night.  Haven’t started sock 2 yet.

New Book!

I’ve been wanting a copy of Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters for quite a while.  Last week I gave in and ordered it from Amazon.  It arrived yesterday afternoon.  So… I’ve been spending way too much time knitting practice socks.  Here’s the Little Sky socks in Palette acrylic:

Rainbow Sky

This pattern puts the foot increases on the top of the instep, centered.  It’s worked top down until you get to the heel.  Then you turn the heel with short rows and attach the heel flap on the bottom of the heel as you knit.  No picking up, and just a couple of short rows.  The toe is a star toe — five decreases in each decrease round.

Little Coriolis is toe up.  I’ve only finished one of these so far:

Baby Bunny Coriolis

I’m using handspun Angora/wool yarn that I dyed in greens and browns.  You start with just six stitches at the toe and increase to 24.  The ankle increases are all on one side (the left on this sock, sock 2 will be a mirror image).

Before I started my little sock knitting binge, Betsy and I did some sock shopping.  We checked out Peppermint Stitches in Toowong.  This shop had been mentioned on Ravelry, so we had to see what they had.  It was mostly quilting and embroidery supplies, but there was a book case full of yummy yarns plus a few knitting patterns and books.  I gave in and bought two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns:

Cherry Tree Hill Cherry Tree Hill

On the left, some SockItToMe in a one-of-a-kind colorway; on the right Supersock Merino in a colorway called “Life’s a Beach”.  I can see the supersock merino as a pair of full size Coriolis Socks.

Betsy got some nice threads for tatting at Peppermint Stitches, and some yarn for her Ravelry Swap project at Threads and More (I was good there and didn’t buy any more).